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Showing Off!

One thing we know is that unless we show and shout from the rooftops all the great things about our program, we rarely get noticed for all the Good that comes from our work and the work of our participants, staff, and volunteers. So yes, we are going to do the completely un-Southern thing, and SHOW OFF!!! As a part of the Shared Evaluation System, the Evidence Submission Model provides each program a central location for the documentation of data submitted to show evidence of making progress toward or meeting a Goal/Objective set forth in the Shared Evaluation Model.

Data????? What do you mean Data??? Data, can be photographs, video, audio, assessments, publicity in all forms of news/social media, letters/messages from students, parents, community members, students/community member work, etc…the list is endless….if it supports your program by showing what you are doing, it can be used as data in the Shared Evidence Submission Model.

Files of any common type can be uploaded to the model and storage is provided to each program, with the program having access to all uploaded files. In addition to providing evidence based documentation for programs, and a site for centralized storage of data for each program, the Centralized evidence for all programs will be used to collect information to support the collective picture and collective voice of Arts in Alabama.

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