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Collecting Data...Spooky?? or Easy as 1,2,3??

With Fall and the Halloween season upon us (or at least the stores telling us so), all types of spooky images and thoughts begin to fill our mind....And what strikes the most fear into grantees....DATA COLLECTION.....

Data is a terrifying word that often conjures images of complex equations and spread sheets, but in reality data is just a quick way to talk about what we know, what we've been doing, and a way to provide evidence to share with others.

As you approach mid-semester over the next few weeks, begin to think about what your program has done since the start of the school year...Have you set up a new classroom and filled it with instruments? Have you developed a plan for an arts show or a concert for the holiday season? Have you started teaching lessons? Have you began to organize professional development? Look back to your initial goals for your program this year. What have you accomplished? What didn't work, but you have plan B ready to go?

Now that you're thinking about what you've done, now think about how you could show others (i.e. what Data you have).... If I've set up a classroom - take pictures to show what you've been able to do. If you've started lessons...record a 30 sec - 90 sec of class showing students actively engaged or show initial student work (successes and/or failures). Planning for future activities or professional development - show your plans (venue location, agenda, etc...). Data is ANYTHING that provides evidence of what you've been can be numbers and charts, and spreadsheets, but it can be SO MUCH MORE!

Don't wait, collect and post your initial data today to the Evidence Submission Model...File too big?? - email for directions.

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